DeLorean Motor Company set for a comeback.

Texas based DeLorean Motor Company is gearing up to begin production on a brand new version of the famous stainless steel gullwing sports car. Since 1995DMC has been offering original parts, accessories, and restored DeLorean sports cars that went out of production over 2 decades ago. Starting in 2008 DMC will begin producing a limited run of new DeLoreans at a rate of one to two cars per month. On the outside, the car will look nearly identical to its counterpart produced in the 1980s. Updates will be found in the interior and mechanical parts of the car. The plan is to fix all of the kinks that were found in the original car.

The original DeLorean, made famous by the Back to the Future trilogy, and company owner and designer John Z. DeLorean's brush with the involving drugs. Had reliability issues, a massively underpowered engine, and less than spectacular performance.

Plans include for a 197 HP engine upgrade, choice of 3 spd automatic or 5 spd manual transmissions, Eibach suspension kit, Xenon headlights, XM or Sirius sattelite radio, iPod integration, navigation system, and much more. Prices are expected to be in the $60,000 range.

For more information, visit the DeLorean Motor Company website.