Chevrolet Chevelle Concept

General Motors' Revitalization in Action team has dreamed up many of the modern concept cars that we drool over year after year. As a concept, we aren't sure if the newest car will be come a reality. Though you have to admit that the Chevelle concept surely hits on the highs of the original Chevelle muscle car of the 60s & 70s. There is not much on the details of the concept. Other than it is based on the rear wheel drive Zeta platform. The addres for the website include NAIAS, so we're assuming that we'll see the Chevelle Concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.

Source: GMInsideNews.


Anonymous said…
Interesting take on the american classic. The front end looks simmalar to the new cammaro or chevy volt. I think that instead of using the 1970 chevelle as inspiration, chevy should take a good long look at the 1969 chvelle and use that to make the next decendent to the king of muscle cars.
Anonymous said…
I agree that they shouldnt look at the 70 and yes the 69 was an amazing year but the 67 with the flat trunk would give it the chevelle look that everyone knows and the front end looks too much like a toyota square it off a little more and give it the chevelle front end