Hold your horses: Mustang production scaled back for 2008, fans push for more special editions

No one can deny the Mustang's popularity. Especially when it is the only real pony car on the market til the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro hit showrooms. Though one this is for sure. The V8 Mustang just isn't as in high demand as it was.

Since 2004 the 4.6 liter V8 has accounted for 52% of the sales mix. In the past it has usually been right around a 70% V6 to 30% V8 mix. 2005 saw a greater demand and Ford responded with increased output.

For 2008 Ford has announced that they will be cutting back production on the 2008 V8 powered Mustang. Ford cites higher fuel costs, and the fact that the performance oriented buyers have already purchased their Mustangs.

This brings us to another interesting article out of Automotive News. Since 2005 Ford has steadily produced a number of low volume, hopped up Mustangs to eager buyers. And according to Ford, has not has as many special edition stangs in the stable as they do now. Despite this, Mustang enthusiasts are still nagging for more cars. Mustang Chief Designer Doug Gaffka says "They want Mach1, they want Boss,".

For promises not to disappoint. So we may see even more special Mustangs being produced in the next few years.

The current stable is made up of:
  • Shelby GT500 (coupe & convertible)

  • Shelby GT500 KR (coupe only)

  • Shelby GT (coupe & convertible)

  • Bullitt(coupe only, 2008 production)

  • GT California Special (coupe & convertible)

  • Warriors in Pink (coupe & convertible. Portion of sales go to fund breast cancer research).

And this doesn't even include the special Mustangs produced by Saleen, Roush, Steeda and others.

It would be nice to see another Mach1 Mustang. Especially if equipped with a true shaker hood scoop though.

Source: Automotive News