Volkswagen hunting for North American factory

This has been in the rumormill for a few months now. Finally we have some inside news as to the possibility of a new VW factory in the United States. According to Automobilwoche, a German sister magazine to Automotive News. In an interview with VW production chief Jochem Heizmann, "Our scouts are looking full speed in Mexico and the United States."

Sounds pretty strong for a company that did not know if they were going to try another U.S. factory a few months ago. Insiders at VW are looking strongly at the southeastern U.S. for a plant location. VW current North American factory in Pueblo, Mexico is currently nearing on their full capacity of 450,500 units for this year. The plant currently produces the New Beetle and Jetta models. Pueblo was also the last factory still producing the original air cooled Beetle which ended production in 2003.

As part of Volkswagen's Strategy 2018. A new U.S. assembly plant would help to boost VW U.S. sales to 800,000 units a year. Up from 329,112 U.S. sales in 2006.

Volkswagen's last try at a U.S. based factory was from 1978-1988 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
Source: Automotive News