Update on Barry Meguiar

More details have finally emerged on Car Crazy host, gar nut and wax guru Barry Meguiar. We have learned that Meguiar was admitted to the hospital just before Monterey weekend. Doctors determined that Meguiar had developed a rare and deadly form of viral pneumonia.

He was immediately admitted to the ICU and was placed in a drug induced coma for eight days. Meguiar was released from the hospital this week and will be fine and is expected to return to hosting Car Crazy in October according to Speed.

Meguiar (67) credits God with saving his life along with the talented and car crazy staff at Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula. 
"Car guys are literally working in every department, and all the things that make car guys special permeate this place, from the high performance of their equipment to the determination to go the extra mile," he said. 

Here's to a speedy recovery Barry!