Are you the next VW Beetle?

While VW has made no official announcements of the replacement for the bow finished VW New Beetle. This interesting mule was recently spotted testing in (we assume) Germany. VW has remained very tight lipped in regards to the fate of the replacement Beetle other than they were in fact working on a car and that it would overcome the outgoing New Beetles flaws. Notably the cute look and lack of trunk/rear sear room. Also the new car would ride on an entirely new chassis from the previous car which still used the 4th generation Golf platform.

This new car has a more traditional Beetle look with a longer front hood, and the body appears to be stretched significantly, but that may be an illusion created by the lower roof line. VW did cunningly fix the outgoing Beetle's tail lights and both bumpers to this car to disguise it. But when you're dealing with the most recognized car in the world. It's a little hard to keep people guessing.

Look for a later feature on one of the last New Beetles produced soon from a recent test drive we did, along with a review of the new 2011 Jetta.

Source: Edmunds.