1990 Mercedes travels over 1 million Kilometers

We all know Mercedes Benz diesels are the automotive equivalent of a bank vault, with thousands covering well over 100,000 miles. News from Mercedes of Canada is that they have found one that has covered 1,110,000+ kilometers under the ownership of its original owner. Robert Miles from Ontario and his 1990 300D (W124) chassis have stood the test of time. That calculates out to roughly 690,000 miles on the original engine and trans. 

Mr. Miles used the car for daily transportation every day since he purchased the car new. Traveling over 5,000 kilometers each month. Mr. Miles credits the cars longevity on the superb service he's received from Mercedes technician Peter Hagen Jr. Congratulations to Mr. Miles on the honor.

Source: Mercedes Benz Canada.

(Press Release)
Mercedes-Benz Canada is pleased to announce today that Mr. Robert Miles of Port Dover, Ontario, has driven more than 1,110,000 kilometres in the 1990 300D he purchased as a brand new car in the winter of 1989. This significant milestone was reached without any modifications to the engine or transmission. As a traveling insurance salesman, Mr. Miles relied on his car for many years to transport him to client meetings and house calls back and forth across the province. 
The Mercedes-Benz 300D is one of the many memorable cars that have made the Mercedes-Benz brand and the E-Class family of cars so highly popular. Currently in its ninth-generation, the E-Class is still considered to be a benchmark in the luxury segment and one of the world’s best business sedans. 
“Indeed, my 300D was a vital part of my business. I simply could not afford to miss a meeting or be delayed. There is no doubt that this very reliable vehicle was crucial to my success over these years,” said Mr. Miles. “I was driving an average of 5 ,200 kilometres a month which meant I had to ensure that the scheduled maintenance was always kept completely up to date. I made a conscious decision to have the car serviced at the same dealership even after the warranty expired. I developed a wonderful relationship with my Mercedes-Benz technician, Peter Hagen Jr, who nurtured this car like his own for more than twenty years. Despite the long distances I would travel, my mind was at ease; I always knew that Peter’s diligence and my trusted 300D would take me back home to my family safe and sound.”
Even with countless hours on the road, Mr. Miles was never involved in an accident in his office-on-wheels, and was also never wary of driving his beloved Mercedes-Benz through the most extreme weather conditions. Despite the lovely patina it has accumulated over the years, Mr. Miles’ car is still in good condition. It truly epitomizes the unmatched quality and exemplary durability that is inherent in every Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
“Mercedes-Benz vehicles are engineered to stand the test of time. Mr. Miles’ personal story highlights what kind of longevity is possible through regularly scheduled maintenance, and also demonstrates the benefits of a strong and trusting relationship between a customer and his or her dealership,” said Marcus Breitschwerdt, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada. “I would like to personally thank Mr. Miles on behalf of our entire organization for his loyalty to the brand and to his dealership throughout the years. In addition, I would also like to recognize and applaud Peter Hagen Jr. and the Mercedes-Benz Oakville staff for their dedication to excellence in customer service.” 
He adds, “It was 125 years ago when our company’s founding fathers invented the automobile; they made a historic promise to always offer our customers the absolute best automotive experience in the industry. Today, our collective and unwavering resolve remains squarely focused on upholding this guarantee and ensuring that the three-pointed star continues to represent the benchmark in the luxury segment.”


Aaron L said…
How did this guy prevent rust? I've got 185,000 on my Cr-V and its starting to rust, have any high mileage bad-asses found a way to beat rust?!
Anonymous said…
my dads mercedes s500 has 1.12 million km and it does not rust
Anonymous said…
my dad has a s class 2003 with 1.1 million km