Happy New Year!!!

Spied: Facelift Mercedes Benz CLS

VW TDI Cup gearing up for 2008 season

2008 Barrett Jackson will auction first Challenger, ZR & GT 500KR

Pick your poison. 2009 Camaro Color Chart

4 States to insert RFID chips in drivers license

General Motors the first global automaker to sell 1 Million cars in China in one year

2008 Range Rover Westminster

Jag Rover status. Nothing til after the new year

IIHS Fender Bender Tests

Only in the USA. Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 GT

Audi to bring stunning concept to Detroit next month

Final Chrysler Crossfire Leaves Factory

Tata for Jag and Rover?

The King returns! The 2009 Corvette ZR1

Energy Bill Passed! On to Pennsylvania Ave

Toyota Tundra 2008 Motor Trend Tuck of the Year?

BMW running at 100% capacity, suppliers up in arms

Oregon Trail 2007. Forget covered wagons, now you got cars

Detroit 08 Preview: Buick Riviera Concept

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix announces all Italian Cars as Marque of the year for 2008

The price is wrong Bob. Winner claims car she won was used and wrecked

2008 Chevrolet Impala 50th Anniversary Edition

New VW Passat CC Coupe spotted in Finland

Energy Bill passes Seneate. Bring on the green cars!

Chevrolet to return to ALMS with Corvette C6.R in 2008

Volkswagen of America changes name

Chrysler says it can meet new CAFE standards

Chrysler announces cutback in truck produttion. You're move GM

Energy bill fails is second vote in Conrgress. 3rd vote set for later today

New Camaro spy picture sans camo

Auto Jingles: Have you driven a Ford lately?

The Italians are coming! Alfa Romeo building U.S. Assembly Plant

Knight Rider 2008 KITT revealed

Hold your horses: Mustang production scaled back for 2008, fans push for more special editions

Ford idles truck and SUV plants

Camo'd Camaro spotted in Australia

The name's Martin......Aston...Martin: James Bond will stay with Aston Martin

Carroll Shelby responds to club allegations.