RM Sotheby's & MODAEVENTS partner to present MODAMiami. A new automotive lifestyle experience Feb 29th-March 3rd 2024

Image Courtesy of MODAEVENTS
 RM Sotheby's has announced a strategic partnership with MODAEVENTs to create an all new automotive experience for late winter in South Florida. Being billed as the ultimate Automotive, Art & Design event, this inagural event will take place February 29th through March 3rd at the historic Biltmore Hotel-Coral Gables. 

This is RM Sotheby's answer to the Amelia Island Concours events being held the same weekend. 2023 was Hagerty's first full year as operator of the Amelia Island Concours. From what we've heard from other automotive media outlets is that not all was well around the campfire in Jacksonville. One noticeable difference was that RM Sotheby's, which had long been a staple at the Ritz Carlton was now holding their auction off site, and for the last time. Allowing the Hagerty owned Broad Arrow Group to move their auction in to it's place.

Image Courtesy of Autobahn Automotive Media
Full Press Release:

Coral Gables, FL – RM Sotheby’s is thrilled to announce its partnership with MODAEVENTS to host MODAMIAMI, a one-of-a-kind international event bringing together the world’s best automobiles, art, cuisine, and design, aimed to create an unforgettable weekend experience. MODAMIAMI will take place on 29 February – 3 March 2024 on the grounds of the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida.

MODAMIAMI will be a celebration of creativity and innovation, showcasing world-class art and automobiles in a fresh new format designed to celebrate vibrant communities across the automotive, art, and design worlds. The weekend festivities will include a variety of premium experiences—from world-class cuisine prepared by renowned celebrity chefs to superb driving opportunities—and will culminate with an exhibition of the world’s finest automobiles on Sunday, 3 March 2024.

The weekend celebration will represent a clear evolution from traditional concours d’elegance events and aims to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the automotive, art, and design worlds, offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience unmatched hospitality and luxury offerings. The event is expected to draw upon the millions of international visitors who travel to Miami each year and cement Miami as a destination for culture, art, and design.

Rob Myers, Founder and Chairman of RM Sotheby’s, says, “MODAMIAMI is set to be the ultimate playground for luxury enthusiasts who want to experience the best of the automotive, culinary, and design worlds all in one place. The collaboration between RM Sotheby’s and MODAEVENTS will present an alternative to a traditional concours d’elegance in a city filled with fantastic nightlife, five- star hotels, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that we know our clients will enjoy. We’re looking forward to bringing this elevated event to a broad audience of classic car aficionados along with our partners and hosting another game-changing auction in the Miami area.”

Mayor of Coral Gables, Vince Lago, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Coral Gables is thrilled to host MODAMIAMI at the iconic Biltmore Hotel, which has played an important role in the history of our city and the state of Florida. Since opening in 1926, the Biltmore has welcomed presidents, celebrities, and royalty, and has been a cultural hub for the community. It’s only fitting that MODAMIAMI, a celebration of design, innovation, and creativity, takes place at this historic location. We are honored to host such a prestigious event and look forward to welcoming attendees from all over the world.”